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[_] OT: large conference venues in Bristol

Matt Hamilton matth at
Fri Dec 18 15:47:50 GMT 2009

On 18 Dec 2009, at 15:15, Richard Dennys wrote:

> Or, alternatively you could do a Google search for "conference  
> venues in
> Bristol" for which the number one result is:
> <>Run by Destination Bristol.  
> Has all
> you need, I used this a lot in my previous life as MD of a  
> conferencing and
> travel business.

Yeah I had a look there, but not much that fits the bill, only the  
ones I've already mentioned. I was hoping someone might come out with  
something a bit leftfield. I'm even wondering about ideas such as  
marquees on the downs etc.

> Make sure you haggle on rates, hard, as they are all struggling for
> business, as well as payment terms.
> Also if you need negotiating overnight stays I still know most of  
> the hotel
> GMs in the area and they would kill for a piece of a big city  
> conference at
> the moment now the Radisson has just opened with room nights at £75  
> for a
> double.

Ta for the info :)

> Don't use Ashton Gate, as it will put off any north bristolians /  
> gasheads
> (assuming part of your audience is local)

No, Audience is far from local. Last time this was held there were  
people from about 30 different countries there.


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