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[_] The old 'plot UK addresses on a Google Map' quandry

George Cole georgercole at
Fri Dec 18 14:46:43 GMT 2009

I ran into the same problem with the callback. I was looking up geocodes
(lat/long) based on UK postcodes and european address strings. When
processing many addresses I found I couldn't track which geocode result
belonged to which address and so I put the geocode lookup in the CMS so that
the Content Manager just set one at a time as new records were added to the
DB. Thats why they appear hard coded, the geocode is precalculated in the
CMS and stored in the DB.

I tried wrapping the AJAX call in JQuery's excellent callback structure so
that the next record is only processed when the current result has been
returned but the GreenAddICT site was so busy with JS by then that firebug
was refusing to debug it and I ran out of time to fix the problem.

Sorry I couldn't be more help,

George Cole
fireAnt Web Design