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[_] The old 'plot UK addresses on a Google Map' quandry

Daniel Hilton daniel.hilton at
Fri Dec 18 14:10:55 GMT 2009

2009/12/18 Dan Bramall <dan at>:
> Thanks George.
> I've tried using the GlocalSearch class as per the link you
> suggested, but got stuck when I needed to add a record id variable to the
> localSearch.setSearchCompleteCallback function, which I don't think is
> possible.  I basically couldn't find a way to dynamically geocode addresses
> and plot them along with their relevant title, image etc (for the pop-up
> window) on the map.
> I've had a look at your code on but it appears that you're
> hard-coding the lat/lng coordinates in your company array as opposed to
> dynamically generating this from the maps API.  In my case, I only have
> addresses not lat/lng in the data feed.
> I'll give GlocalSearch another shot, but I fear I'll be in the exact same
> position in two hours time.
> The V3 API lets you plot addresses on a map very very simply, but it limits
> each call to just a few records, and the user experience won't allow me to
> set a delay in the script to batch this up.  It's frustrating that they
> can't open that up even on a commercial basis.

What about varying your geocoding services?
Use that to get the long,lat and then put it into the google map.

Or as you said, use the new api but just cache the requests using a
key(photo-id/url),value(long,lat) pair.
Thus not hitting the limit for each request.


> Cheers anyhow,
> Dan
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Dan Hilton