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[_] The old 'plot UK addresses on a Google Map' quandry

Dan Bramall dan at
Fri Dec 18 13:51:15 GMT 2009

Thanks George.

I've tried using the GlocalSearch class as per the link you
suggested, but got stuck when I needed to add a record id variable to the
localSearch.setSearchCompleteCallback function, which I don't think is
possible.  I basically couldn't find a way to dynamically geocode addresses
and plot them along with their relevant title, image etc (for the pop-up
window) on the map.

I've had a look at your code on but it appears that you're
hard-coding the lat/lng coordinates in your company array as opposed to
dynamically generating this from the maps API.  In my case, I only have
addresses not lat/lng in the data feed.

I'll give GlocalSearch another shot, but I fear I'll be in the exact same
position in two hours time.

The V3 API lets you plot addresses on a map very very simply, but it limits
each call to just a few records, and the user experience won't allow me to
set a delay in the script to batch this up.  It's frustrating that they
can't open that up even on a commercial basis. 

Cheers anyhow,