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[_] IMAX / Blue Reef Response

Tom Gidden tom at
Fri Dec 18 13:12:01 GMT 2009

On 18 Dec 2009, at 11:35, Alex Francis wrote:

> I'm *sure* there were old threads about this, but hey ho -
> - Imax wasn't
> financially viable as a straight cinema apparently, hence the Blue
> Reef thing. Probably just bad timing, given the recent resurgence in
> 3D films.

Ah, but if you read that article you cited, it's not about the IMAX being inviable as a straight cinema;  on the contrary, it's about the IMAX (etc.) being inviable as a science centre.

There are other IMAXes in this country that seem to be viable as straight cinema, so I don't see why the Bristol one can't be either.  However, they seem insistent on it being part of a science museum or educational exhibit of some description.

I can see the Science Museum IMAX in London being viable purely for educational use, but the Science Museum is in a completely different league from At-Bristol and, to be brutally honest, anything that can or will be built in Bristol.

As we've mentioned, "education during the day, entertainment at night" makes sense.  I believe that until At-Bristol / Blue Reef / Whoever realises this reality, the Bristol IMAX will continue to be a white elephant.


Tom Gidden