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[_] Self-hosted Dropsend

Aden Forshaw aden.forshaw at
Fri Dec 18 12:00:35 GMT 2009

Well trying not to sound too much like a sales pitch, but there's some
deeper functionality to it that might work for you.

It only stores the filenames on the msn backend not the files themselves as
it's p2p for file transfer, and the list of those files is available on the
website to anyone with permission to share. You can download them p2p stylee
from any machine that's on currently running the software without needing to
run it yourself.

2009/12/18 Oliver Humpage <oliver at>

> On 18 Dec 2009, at 11:21, Aden Forshaw wrote:
> > Foldershare, or windows live sync as it's now called -
> > might be the way forward. Simple and
> > pretty
> > effective for sharing access.
> Nice idea, but it's not a self-hosted solution - files have to go up
> to MSN and back - and also I'd rather have a web-based thing rather
> than forcing people to install software (often not possible in
> corporate/council environments).
> Oliver.
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