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[_] IMAX / Blue Reef Response

Rick Edwards rick.edwards at
Fri Dec 18 11:59:53 GMT 2009

2009/12/18 Alex Francis alex.francis at

> I'm *sure* there were old threads about this, but hey ho -
> - Imax wasn't
> financially viable as a straight cinema apparently, hence the Blue
> Reef thing. Probably just bad timing, given the recent resurgence in
> 3D films.
Thing is could they not do both, show films about welsh dolphins during the
day and exciting stuff in 3D for idiots like me in the evening? I used to
love going to the IMAX, I'd go and see terrible movies just because I got to
wear the 3D specs and watch all the kids (and some of the adults) jump about
trying to grab stuff!

I'd like to go to the planetarium too but not interested in explore so kind
of scuppers that idea.

rick (not Rick)