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[_] Non www to www

Jason Taverner jason.taverner1 at
Fri Dec 18 11:47:32 GMT 2009

Thanks Leo and Oliver - I replaced the backslash but unfortunately it  
made no difference.

I'm trying to think of other reasons why the non www of the domain  
results in a 'server not found'

'Options +FollowSymLinks' and 'RewriteEngine on' are already written  
in the htaccess file - do I need to write them above the redirect  
code again?

On 18 Dec 2009, at 11:28, Oliver Humpage wrote:

> On 18 Dec 2009, at 11:23, Leo Pitt wrote:
>> The syntax examples I see for that bit of .htaccess are
>> RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com$ [NC] # Note the backslash in
>> the URL
>> RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]
>> ... So could be that you need to add "\"'s to escape the periods in
>> the URL?
> A period will match a period fine, it just might match other things as
> well. So all will do is also match fooXcoYuk as well.
> Escape to make sure it only matches what you want, but if anything the
> lack of \s will make it work "too" well rather than less.
> Oliver.
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