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[_] IMAX / Blue Reef Response

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Fri Dec 18 11:37:56 GMT 2009

On 18 Dec 2009, at 11:30, Stefan Goodchild wrote:

> That really annoys me.  I love going to planetariums, and I have to
> buy a ticket to the whole of @Bristol to get in the one on my  
> doorstep.

Yes, but @Bristol has (or at least used to - think they're still  
there) the best game ever: try to get to "unsuitable" websites on its  
content-filtered computers that only have a trackball: no keyboard to  
type in URLs. So from the start page it gives you, find a route to an  
unblocked page in the least number of link clicks. Keeps you going all  

My record's 6.

And apologies if anyone from @Bristol is reading this, but those  
things are a red rag to a bull :)