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[_] Self-hosted Dropsend

Aden Forshaw aden.forshaw at
Fri Dec 18 11:21:56 GMT 2009

Foldershare, or windows live sync as it's now called - might be the way forward. Simple and pretty
effective for sharing access.


2009/12/18 Oliver Humpage <oliver at>

> Hi all,
> I may have asked this before, but technology moves on, and I can
> explain it a bit better now...
> Dropsend and its ilk are all very well, but have these issues:
> 1. It takes double the time to send a file to someone: you uploading,
> then them downloading, rather than the two happening concurrently in a
> straight transfer.
> 2. It doesn't link in with any existing file servers (Windows or Mac)
> for ease of document management.
> What I'd love is some kind of self-hosted system which could simply:
> 1. mount in a specified share from a file server, probably via SMB.
> (Optional)
> 2. if a member of staff needed to either share something out, or
> receive something, they could tell the server the third party's email
> address and the relevant folder in the share, and the server would
> send a password to the third party and give them read/write
> (depending) access to that folder.
> 3. has a really good interface for uploading/downloading files
> Is there anything out there that does this? Doesn't have to be free by
> any means, just good at what it does. Even if it didn't link to an
> existing file server, if it was easy to add accounts and permissions
> and had a good file transfer interface I'd be happy.
> Thanks brain.
> Oliver.
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