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[_] Self-hosted Dropsend

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Fri Dec 18 11:08:08 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I may have asked this before, but technology moves on, and I can  
explain it a bit better now...

Dropsend and its ilk are all very well, but have these issues:

1. It takes double the time to send a file to someone: you uploading,  
then them downloading, rather than the two happening concurrently in a  
straight transfer.
2. It doesn't link in with any existing file servers (Windows or Mac)  
for ease of document management.

What I'd love is some kind of self-hosted system which could simply:

1. mount in a specified share from a file server, probably via SMB.  
2. if a member of staff needed to either share something out, or  
receive something, they could tell the server the third party's email  
address and the relevant folder in the share, and the server would  
send a password to the third party and give them read/write  
(depending) access to that folder.
3. has a really good interface for uploading/downloading files

Is there anything out there that does this? Doesn't have to be free by  
any means, just good at what it does. Even if it didn't link to an  
existing file server, if it was easy to add accounts and permissions  
and had a good file transfer interface I'd be happy.

Thanks brain.