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[_] The old 'plot UK addresses on a Google Map' quandry

Dan Bramall dan at
Fri Dec 18 10:50:36 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Every time I come across this I struggle.  I have a list of UK addresses
(coming from Google Picasa this time) which need to be plotted on a bespoke
Google Map.  i.e. We can't just iframe or script-insert the Picasa Web Album
page, it needs to be plotted to a map on a third party web page.  I think
previously the only reliable way I've been able to plot addresses on a map
is to collate them in a database and geocode them prior to insertion to the
database, then use the lat/lng to plot onto the map.

Is there a simple way yet to plot a feed of UK addresses directly onto a
Google Map, or do I still need to convert them to lat/lng co-ordinates
on-the-fly first?  Having tried to do the latter, it has proven very tricky
(grab huge Picasa JSON feed, extract address, post to Google to geocode,
grab the response, inject back into data, post back to plot on a map - which
I've got working in IE but not Firefox for some reason).

Failing the possibility of plotting addresses directly on a map - which
would make things much simpler - has anyone here ever plotted Picasa Web
Albums onto a map and can point me in the direction of some sample code?  My
JavaScript brain is fried.

Thanks all.