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[_] IMAX / Blue Reef Response

Clive Hunt clive.hunt at
Fri Dec 18 10:43:18 GMT 2009

Hi All.

So I emailed Blue Reef with this:


Please can you tell me whether the IMAX theatre will be screening the
new James Cameron film "Avatar"?  If so please can you advise on the
cost of tickets."

and got the response today of:

"Thank you for your interest in Bristol Blue Reef Aquarium.

The prices at Blue Reef Aquarium cover admission to the Aquarium itself,
as well as to the Imax Cinema, which is unique to Blue Reef Bristol.

The films in the Imax cinema are shown three times every day, and visitor's
may attend the film as many times as they wish during their visit.

The film showing at present is 'Doplphins and Wales', and is about 45
minutes in length.

The IMAX films are wonderful opportunity to watch and learn about larger
sea creatures, that could not lead a full and happy life within the aquarium.

The Bristol Blue Reef Aquarium is also on a much larger scale
than the other Blue Reef Aquariums, and is 4 times the size of Hastings,
and less expensive than the Wildwalk which occupied this space in the

At present we are not offering tickets that do not include entry
to the IMAX Cinema."


So I take that as being a resounding "No" then. lol