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Fraser Stephens frstep at
Thu Dec 17 18:47:25 GMT 2009

2009/12/16 Rupert Jabelman <rupert at>:
>> On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 11:25 AM, juan kennaugh <contact at> wrote:
>> Lloyds
> +1. Their website is excellent. Works fine in Safari / FF on Mac & FF
> on Ubuntu. I'd put money on it working correctly on far more obscure
> setups.

Apart from their business and personal Internet systems working in a
"almost but not quite the same way" (you have to log in separately,
even though same details, and some things work differently between the
systems (and also between the credit card accounts (eg statement
format)) I've found their internet stuff fine. I really like the "ring
you up on your phone and get you to enter the number on the screen"
thing to confirm new payments.... much more convenient than having a
losable keygen thing. Statement download is fine too.

I have bumped up against their anti-fraud detection things a few times
(bit of a pain when in Khartoum, but I can see why it might have
triggered it.... a bit less understandable from Paris, when I clearly
travel around Europe quite a bit!).

Looking at the recommendations (or otherwise) from everyone else, it
would appear the competition all have similar +ve and -ve points. So
for the moment I'll stick with them until a good reason comes up
(cheaper, or compelling internet feature maybe)


Fraser Stephens