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Laura Francis laura.griffiths at
Thu Dec 17 09:45:28 GMT 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 11:39 AM, Peter Marshall <peter at> wrote:
>> To be honest, I've never had any problems with HSBC.
> Would recommend First Direct.  Do a bit of t'interweb stuff with them, but the real joy is to be able to ring 'em up and the person that answers the phone is empowered to deal with pretty much everything that you might want to do without passing you around the call centre.

I'd second that, I love First Direct, the only bank I've ever dealt
with who are really good. They have real people in England answer the
phone as soon as you call (you dont have to give your security details
to a machine) and they have helped us loads.

We have several accounts all visible online which we transfer money
between, we've even moved the mortgage to them. I've used my cards
abroad frequently and with no issues and never had to tell them. I
also have used them online without issues - other than they've just
switched to Visa for debit cards and now I have to do the stupid
verified by visa cr*p which I hate but AFAIK that is Visa not FD.

Agree that usually only use the internet but that the phone service is
fantastic and the staff are lovely and helpful. You can use HSBC for
counter services.