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[_] O/T I-Max cinema

Fraser Stephens frstep at
Thu Dec 17 08:09:27 GMT 2009

2009/12/17 Tom Gidden <tom at>:

> My problem with IMAX for normal films is that it's just too big.  I like to see the whole screen, and with IMAX filling your field of vision, there's just no way to take it all in at once.

Exactly - how does the director direct your vision when you can (and
have to) look everywhere? Chances of missing the key action is huge.
There are lots of other things that don't work (pans for example, have
to be handled carefully). There are some good docs on the net about

> Happy to be proved wrong, but am not going to shell out for an IMAX trip for Yet Another Tech Demo. :)

Yes, Tech Demo sums it up nicely: a really impressive "Wow!" factor.
I visited FuturaScope in France many years ago and their (many) IMAX
screens were set up exactly like theme park rides. I'm afraid for me
that is all IMAX is.


Fraser Stephens