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[_] O/T I-Max cinema

Tom Gidden tom at
Thu Dec 17 02:31:18 GMT 2009

On 16 Dec 2009, at 23:59, Sam Ross wrote:
> The best film I've ever seen at IMAX was the last Batman film. 2D, not 3D, but the whole film was produced for the format and it really worked, even in the seats we had which were about three rows from the front! The Joker that close-up was an experience in itself...

ACTUALLY, If I Remember Correctly, only about half an hour of The Dark Knight was filmed with IMAX :-P

My problem with IMAX for normal films is that it's just too big.  I like to see the whole screen, and with IMAX filling your field of vision, there's just no way to take it all in at once.

The alternative is that the film has lots of long, ponderous scenic bits (inevitably of the natural world) where you can take your time to look around, but that really does make for a sucky narrative.

So, IMHO, a film can either be produced well for IMAX, or for normal cinema, or a sub-par compromise.

I've found that when I've watched a film first on IMAX, I don't feel I've fully taken in the film.  However, watching a film I've already seen on IMAX is fun, because I don't actually have to take it all in.

I tend to find that 3D (especially with IMAX) adds very little or even detracts (Dr. Kermode's argument), or it's really just used to say "LOOK! WE'VE GOT A 3D CAMERA!" far too much.  IMAX 3D usually seems to be the latter.  I've never seen 3D used well artistically.  I always end up thinking I'm looking at a tech demo.  CyberWorld 3D -- apparently Bristol IMAX's most popular film -- was a particularly odious example of this.

Finally, the polaroid filters necessary for 3D significantly decreases the brightness and contrast, so the film looks far less vivid anyway.

> Stop being so tight and get out the house! ;p
Pah!  I think I first saw IMAX in Tijuana, although that was actually OMNIMAX back then (now IMAX Dome).  That out of the house enough for ya? :)

Bristol's IMAX seemed to me to be the worst as far as spec was concerned:  poor seat rake; excessive stuff like railings, prominent exit signs, ad so forth to destroy the immersion; poor sound; poor legroom; uncomfortable, cheap seats; terrible programming.


Tom Gidden