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[_] coreFTP site profile backup

Sam Urquhart sam at
Wed Dec 16 23:35:49 GMT 2009

2009/12/16 Steve James <us.redpumas at>:
> Hi Sam,
> I found this on their FAQ ( )
> "How do I backup my site profiles?
> >From within the site manager, right click on the list of sites, select
> export, and save to a file. To restore your sites, right click, select
> import, and select the file you previously exported to. "
> Is that helpful?

Doh, yes.
I was looking for something that simple, but one thing I didn't try
was right-clicking in white space.
I'd also seen that question in the faq but not clicked on it cos I was
looking for the opposite..
Thanks very much Steve
I should have just stayed in bed this week..