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[_] coreFTP site profile backup

Sam Urquhart sam at
Wed Dec 16 17:39:46 GMT 2009

Hi _,
in a frenzied attempt to reclaim space on my C drive yesterday, I
apparently uninstalled the version of CoreFTP that I use, as opposed
to the one I'm not using. (thought I was using LE, so uninstalled Pro)
but now have lost all my site profiles.
(I know. I'm an idiot. Like CoreFTP takes up more than a gnat's chuff
worth of space anyway. But frenzies get like that..)

So, CoreFTP has presciently been prompting me to back up my site
profiles once a month (I have 12 backup files now) but I can't find
anything in the (re-installed) CoreFTP interface that suggests
anywhere I could import them, nor can I find anything online, altho I
could be asking wrong.

There were probably details of about 30 sites in there, which I do
have elsewhere, but would love to not have to put them all in again
manually if at all possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
thanks in advance