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[_] O/T I-Max cinema

Tom Gidden tom at
Wed Dec 16 15:35:05 GMT 2009

On 16 Dec 2009, at 15:12, Sam Ross wrote:
> However, it's definitely worth taking a day-trip to London, as you can't beat a really big screen IMAX for action.

Tempting... I saw one of the Matrix sequels at the BFI IMAX, and apart from the uncomfortable seats; lack of legroom; broken a/c in summer; expensive ticket prices; poor refreshments; weird showing times; a complete electrical blackout of a good part of London postponing the showing altogether; and finally, the actual film being a bit poo, it was a fabulous experience.

I'm just not sure whether or not to do it for Avatar.  I've been siding with Mark Kermode on the whole 3D -v- 2D argument, and additionally think that the sound and fury of IMAX can detract from the film.  I'm going to see what Kermode says about Avatar first... whether 3D and/or IMAX actually improves the film, as opposed to just the experience.


Tom Gidden