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Ray Brooks ray.userinterface at
Wed Dec 16 12:03:25 GMT 2009

Yeah, but have you actually tried downloading statements from it? Not
possible. I had to write a little perl app with this CPAN module some
guy wrote. Not exactly the most user friendly of interfaces.

2009/12/16 Tim Beadle <tim.beadle at>:
> 2009/12/16 Jon Hadley <me at>:
>>> 1. Internet Banking usable on a Mac.  Non-negotiable.
>> I can recommend Co-Op internet banking for its unique cross platform
>> ability to reduce you to tears / obscenities.
> OTOH: Smile (part of Co-op), while not exactly in the running to win
> any beauty competitions, seems to work. And that, surely, is what you
> want from a bank, no?
> Then there's the fluffy feeling from not having your money invested in
> Nasty Crap.
> Tim
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