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Peter Williamson pw at
Wed Dec 16 11:49:57 GMT 2009

> Sorry I forgot to mention HSBC works on a Mac. I wouldn't recommend
> HSBC though since they started charging me ?25 to "arrange" my
> overdraft (that I've had for 12 years) every 6 months.

> HSBC business banking is very good though. Been with them for the last 5 
> odd years. Internet banking just works without any special witchcraft - 
> you just need a numerical key on login which you get from your hsbc keygen 
> (on a keyring).

HSBC blocked my card when I was in Hong Kong for 2 weeks. They said when I 
came back tot he UK it could be reactived.

When I got back to the UK, after arguing with a number of different 
flavoured idiots, they insisted upon cancelling my card and posting me a new 
one, which took 3 weeks.

Their excuse for leaving me without a cash card for a total of 5 weeks was 
"suspicious transactions".

The "suspicion transactions" were classified... no one knew what they were, 
no one ever confirmed it... I imagine, a cash withdrawal from Hong Kong 

They also charge me £20 every 12 months to "arrange" my overdraft, so nice 
and consistent

Their internet banking is good though.