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[_] Banks.

Jason Nevin jason_nevin at
Wed Dec 16 11:31:34 GMT 2009

> Barclays has pissed me off for what may be the final time.

I have real issues with them too. They keep blocking transactions from my hosting companies and ad agencies. This despite the fact that the SAME amounts have been going to the SAME companies for over two years. I wrote them a letter of complaint and they eventually wrote back to effectively say "thats the way our fraud management works, get over it".  And, I too have had the same problems with travelling abroad. What annoys me most is that they don't ring and tell you/ask you if there is a problem they just block everything. That said, I did get an automated message a few weeks ago. I'd move to Natwest if they didn't go bust every six months.

I do have a Smile account as a backup but wouldn't know if the online banking works on a Mac (it works in Firefox).