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[_] Banks.

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Wed Dec 16 11:30:30 GMT 2009

On 16 Dec 2009, at 11:13, Tom Gidden wrote:

> Any thoughts and recommendations (or horror stories) ?

Ethical issues aside[*], RBS are fantastic for online banking. They  
even started doing the little home card reader thingies that you have  
to put your card in to verify adding new payees or other important  
things. Never had a problem with their online service, and they've  
just updated it to make it better. I use their online-only savings  
account too, with instant transferrals between current/joint/savings.

[*] In a tiny bit of balance, they are a major sponsor of sustrans.

Oh, and they have an iPhone app out, which after a rocky start of  
their servers falling over now seems to work very well indeed.

Never had bad customer service from them either, in person/phone/online.

Natwest are owned by RBS and use the same online system. Their  
customer services seem... lacking, though: the latest in a long string  
was the woman there laughing and saying "what, *seriously*" as my new  
wife tried to change her account name to "Humpage".