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Tom Gidden tom at
Wed Dec 16 11:13:54 GMT 2009

Oi _,

Barclays has pissed me off for what may be the final time.

After informing them via the "Use Debit Card Abroad" feature that I was going to be in Mexico for two weeks, they decided to block my card while I was in Mexico, apparently because it was being used in Mexico.

Since the other card I took with me (CaxtonFX) was having unrelated issues, this left me without access to money for a good chunk of my holiday.

Barclays then refused to do anything about it unless I called them during office hours, because apparently the internet isn't secure enough to have an "I am me, so unblock my card" feature, but they think yelling my security credentials into a payphone in a Mexican town centre is.

They then decided to rub it in by unblocking my card using the dates I entered in the "Use Debit Card Abroad" feature as a guide.

This isn't the first time I've threatened a full-on flounce at them, either.

Anyway.  Desired features:

1. Internet Banking usable on a Mac.  Non-negotiable.

2. e-Savings Accounts (or similar).   In addition to my current account, I have a few other accounts that I set up through their internet banking system for free.  I can transfer money between them instantly.  This lets me divide my money between personal and work, savings and my "tax pot".

3. A clue.

Any thoughts and recommendations (or horror stories) ?

Much thankness,


Tom Gidden