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[_] The fish, thanks for all of them.

Sam Dwyer underscore404 at
Wed Dec 16 10:50:32 GMT 2009

Helo [_],

Just a quick and cheerful note to thank underscore for a great couple of years of fun and support.

My wife and I are unfortunately having to say goodbye to Bristol and the southwest in order to head
back to Sydney - she managed to score a scholarship at Sydney University to study medicine which is
fairly exciting news for us even though neither of us is particularly ready to leave Europe yet.

Bristol's been very good to both of us - me especially, as the last time I left the UK I was pretty convinced
I never really wanted to come back, but after living in Bristol I'm thoroughly convinced that the best possible
lifestyle I could think of would be 6 months a year in Australia folowed by 6 months back here. Living in a city
where its a 15 minute walk from our front door to the nearby deer and garden estates  and a 15 minute 
walk to the city center does wonders for enjoying urban living. Even the winters have been enjoyable with 
the best possible winter pub (the Adam & Eve) right on our doorstep and the glorious southwest countryside
such an easy drive away.

A lot of Australians come to the UK to try and earn the pounds and the skills that will earn them bigger salaries
back home, which is one of the reasons London is so popular. It wasn't really my primary focus, but it turns
out it wasn't much of an issue anyway; Bristol punches well above its weight when it comes to IT and it manages
to combine the skills with a way more enjoyable standard of living. 

I've had a ball, learned the skills and grown to love the UK the way I did when I was a kid. Thanks [_] for
providing a fantastic resource of people, skills and support - it's a huge motivation to try and get something
similar rolling in Sydney.

If you're ever in Oz and need a friendly face or just want someone to show you the best palce to grab a beer
then feel free to email me at steerpike at 

So long and thanks for everything. It's been a joy.

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