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[_] Hosted Email Services

Clive Hunt clive.hunt at
Wed Dec 16 10:41:56 GMT 2009

Hi All.

I have a client that deals with customers in China, Korea and Japan.
He currently hosts his emailserver with (dare I say it) 123-reg !!!

His customers are sending emails through servers that appear on the
RBL lists and so are being dropped before reaching his inbox.

Now I think I am pretty sure of the answer here, but do any of you
know a service provider that he can try that perhaps are not so
stringent on checking these RBL lists and so he can't get the emails
from his customers?

It wouldn't be a good idea for him to ask all his problematic
customers to use a non blacklisted server to send emails as I suspect
that the RBL lists are not something that they are aware of or have
problems with when communicating internally.

Failing this is there a way that he can make sure that all emails come
through i.e. setup his own email server and host his own domain on it?



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