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[_] jQuery mystery

Ray Brooks ray.userinterface at
Tue Dec 15 15:26:28 GMT 2009

2009/12/15 Ray Brooks <ray.userinterface at>:
> 2009/12/15 s'unya <sunya.dickman at>:
>> Hi [_],
>> Little Javascript strangeness on all browsers that I have checked. I am
>> using jQuery.css to set an a tag that contains an image to display: none,
>> which it does admirably except for one element, which does become
>> display:none, but the alt tag of the img child is visible... If I set the a
>> tag css to visibility:hidden, it hides the alt tag (but makes a mess in some
>> browsers)... if I then set it to display:none, it re-displays the alt tag.
>> Anybody come across this before/ know why it might be happening?
>> I apologise for this site before hand (been seen before here). if you click
>> on any of the squares except the top right, it works fine, but top right
>> shows some text (alt text) above the iframe.
>> link:
>> Thanks for any help.
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> why don't you just use the hide() method?
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p.s. do not know the context nor do i wish to teach you to suck eggs,
but visibility:hidden is not the same as display:none and they should
not be used interchangeably. display:none effectively removes the
element from the document flow but visibility:hidden leaves the object
in place but renders it invisible, quite different effects!