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[_] jQuery mystery

s'unya sunya.dickman at
Tue Dec 15 14:50:53 GMT 2009

Hi [_],

Little Javascript strangeness on all browsers that I have checked. I am
using jQuery.css to set an a tag that contains an image to display: none,
which it does admirably except for one element, which does become
display:none, but the alt tag of the img child is visible... If I set the a
tag css to visibility:hidden, it hides the alt tag (but makes a mess in some
browsers)... if I then set it to display:none, it re-displays the alt tag.

Anybody come across this before/ know why it might be happening?

I apologise for this site before hand (been seen before here). if you click
on any of the squares except the top right, it works fine, but top right
shows some text (alt text) above the iframe.

Thanks for any help.
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     o  o   O s´unya O   o  o