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[_] SSD current opinions?

Steve Roome me at
Sun Dec 13 08:29:13 GMT 2009


On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 09:15:06AM +0000, Fraser Stephens wrote:
> Not seen a dedicated thread on this subject yet on Underscore, so
> wondering what the hive mind's thoughts are on them. The sort of
> things I "hear" on the net are:
>     "Best upgrade you can buy for a laptop", "boots in 4 seconds",
> "apps load 'instantly'...", and  "Huge failure rate"
> For me, I value silence over space, so happy to not carry 300 gigs of
> not often used stuff on my laptop, but have it on an external. So
> 160Gb would be fine and prices are starting to look affordable. And I
> hear the newer Intel are meant to be good. But the rumours of short
> lifespan (in theory they should be very very reliable, at least for
> several years of constant use) and that I have to take some of the
> reports of amazing speed gains with a pinch of salt, are making me
> hesitate.
> What are the real experiences of people on this list (i.e. people I
> trust!)? On a MacBook (for example) running XP in VMware and a normal
> selection of productivity apps, how much better is the experience?
> Would be interested in your views,

My Acer Aspire One came with a 16GB SSD in it. It booted a bit quicker
than I expected, but write speed was terrible, and random access on a
UFS filesystem felt like trying to using osx on a P90.

It's the first computer I've actually soldered something onto the
motherboard: A SATA plug.

like this:

The SSD was that bad, get a good one or don't bother.


P.S. sorry for flooding the list a bit, playing catchup here.