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[_] VOIP providers

Steve Roome me at
Sun Dec 13 08:20:50 GMT 2009

On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 03:52:01PM +0000, Matt Hamilton wrote:
> Anyone got any recommendations for VOIP providers? We have had an  
> account with Voiptalk for a number of years and used it occasionally  
> and it seemed to be OK, but we are now trying to switch over to it  
> fully (and ditch our ISDN2e line) and are getting fairly regular drop  
> outs on it. It will appear to go quiet for a while then occasionally  
> drop the call.  Fairly sure it is not our bandwidth (we have quite a  
> lot here ;) ) and smokeping graphs don't seem to indicate any latency  
> issues to their end.
> We are in the middle of getting our number ported to them, but so far  
> they seem to be giving us a run around, so would be interested if  
> anyone else can recommend any decent VOIP providers that they've used  
> for a while.

Did you get that sorted ? I'd recommend trying to get a provider that
also provider the IP part of the VOIP, and maybe even the handsets.

Reason being that a phone company that does is required by law to provide
a reliable emergency service over the phones. Whereas I'm not sure a provider
that is just selling the voip has as many worries or cares.

Mind you, it shouldn't be long until phone companies are more sorted.
IIRC almost all phone traffic is voip really, just from the exchange
onwards. I'm not sure why it's all going so slowly.