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[_] Apple store at Cribbs Causeway?

Steve Roome me at
Sun Dec 13 08:07:12 GMT 2009

On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 01:55:52PM +0000, Tim Beadle wrote:
> 2009/12/7 Amias Channer <me at>:
> > ooh please can i advertise you for free , please please please .
> You never wear a Tux or FreeBSD Devil T-shirt then? What do you
> suppose you're doing if/when you wear those, if not advertising?
> > suckas
> Do you have Tourette's? Why do you feel the need to insult everyone
> whose lifestyle choices don't match yours?

Underscore: Bringing cheery Christmas spirit to all. (On a T-Shirt?)

"sucka" isn't a particularly cruel description for someone who would
pay to be a billboard for a corporation. (well, imnsho ... )

I do hope I've not missed lots of this sort of fun attacking the person
rather than the idea stuff ?


P.S. I've never seen a Tux or BSD T-Shirt that actually looks any good
but I did see the beastie on the side of a condom machine in Amsterdam
once. I may have sent a photo to mckusick. But I don't recall much from
that trip.