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[_] SEO - a google vanish

Chris Dawson chris at
Fri Dec 11 13:09:57 GMT 2009

after many years i *finally* got round to bringing my own website
up-to-date. the old site was flash based, with horrid markup and twas a pain
to update content. and didn't validate.
however, it had a really good pagerank!

a few weeks ago i moved servers to linux (was on a windows server) and redid
the site in wordpress.
it now validates, is lovely to update and should be a lot more 'accessible'.
however, it has now vanished from google!
well, the site *content* has vanished from google... if you type in
'tallhat' to google you *do* get a link and description but i think that
description text is coming from a very old DMOZ submission, not from the
actual site, and googling for content which is definitely in the site brings
back nothing...

will it be reindexed soon or should i be doing something to get it back on
google? can anyone suggest what has happened?
i don't think i've done anything with robots.txt etc...
can't think why it should have upset google...