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Clive Hunt clive.hunt at
Fri Dec 11 10:33:35 GMT 2009

Major reason why I am reluctant to send out from internal email server
as blacklisting would be frowned upon by the board members.

Do you know of any good mail services that I could look at?

2009/12/11 Oliver Humpage <oliver at>:
> On 11 Dec 2009, at 09:51, Clive Hunt wrote:
>> Any pros and cons to doing this, and any decent reasonable services
>> that you may have used in the past?
> If there are a lot of addresses at free webmail accounts (esp hotmail)
> then you may find it takes a while to send to them all: they have rate
> limiters to stop you just blasting them with email.
> Again with google/yahoo/gmail, if a lot of your recipients mark your
> email as spam, you may find your internal mail server gets blacklisted
> by them, which is no fun at all. But of course, they all said they
> wanted email and you're sending them interesting info, so they'd
> *never* do that...
> Oliver.
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