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[_] exclusivity agreements

Rick Edwards rick.edwards at
Fri Dec 11 09:36:30 GMT 2009

2009/12/10 Ray Brooks <ray.userinterface at>

> No way. Double it. You only have to turn down one job to be 100% out
> of pocket. Turning down work is what they are asking you to do, after
> all. If they reject that, they aren't being serious.
> R

Surely all they are asking is for you to turn down potential work from their
competitors, potential being the key word here. So it would be better to
turn down actual work on the off chance that you might get work with one of
their competitors at some unforeseen point in the future? I'd think you'd
have to carefully analyse the potential market here and who their
competitors are and what the chances are of you landing a contract with them
in the future. And I'm not convinced that just because someone turns down
your quote because you are 60% (!!) over your nearest competitor who is
willing to sign an exclusivity agreement means the client isn't "serious".
There are a lot of other issues here, what benefits are there for you to
have an exclusive deal with your client, it might mean that actually in the
long run you get a lot more business through them than you would trying to
pitch for work with their competitors, one assumes exclusivity works both

rick (not Rick)