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[_] Drupal - block not displaying unless logged in / yet set to be visible to all...

andykisaragi andyatwork at
Thu Dec 10 15:26:23 GMT 2009

Do you have a separate admin theme? Blocks are assigned to regions 
within themes.

If it's not that, dunno!


Steve Kirtley wrote:
> Afternoon _ ,
> Having some fun with a Drupal site this afternoon... trying to create a
> random image display on a homepage.
> I've created a simple content type (using CCK) to allow for the upload of
> images, and a view to randomly show one of the published images as a block.
> I've set this block to only appear on the homage, and chosen for it to be
> visible to all (not selected any roles).
> Having uploaded a handful of images these are showing up nicely when logged
> in as an admin user... however when logged out there's no sign of the block.
> I've checked and rechecked the images are published and the preferences on
> the view and all seems correct...
> Any one have any pointers of where else to look?
> Thanks,
> Steve