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[_] SEO gone crazy

Ray Brooks ray.userinterface at
Wed Dec 9 11:34:21 GMT 2009

None of this is hard and fast. Just guessing.

Firstly, consider the amount of content available for "travel" and
"bed" as separate words, as opposed to just one: Google is likely to
think that a user has simply made a typo as these are both very common

Secondly, Google has loads of Lorem Ipsum in its index for your sites
(check this using You mention that you are
wildcarding Apache (I am assuming you mean you are using virtual
hosts), but all the subdomains in the Google Index route to the main
site (your vhosts are not set up correctly!). I am sure Google is
smarter than having flagged you as a domain squatter as they are
subdomains, but I am sure this amount of redundant content cannot be
good for your ranking.

Thirdly, you use Analytics and Google will therefore know how much
traffic you get and what keywords people use to get to it. Maybe there
are other keywords where you would do much better. Analytics should be
able to help you make some sense of what is going on, in order to
amend your content accordingly. You could probably do better using
Adwords, as opposed to trying to get natural ranking for "travelbed".


2009/12/8 Andrew McGregor <andy at>:
> Thread-jack: I have on offer a night of free beer, with or without my company!
> Why doesn't a google for _travelbed_ show on the first page?
> Google prefers to see it as _travel bed_, so even putting it in quotes
> as _"travelbed"_ doesn't help much.
> is listed by Google, but hidden right at the back.
> I did have lots of duplicate content for a while from,
> that has gone so now things are a little better.
> I wondered if it were my wildcard DNS + Apache?
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