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[_] Single page checkouts

Ben Edwards list4me2 at
Wed Dec 9 11:03:12 GMT 2009

This may be covered in Amazons patent on single click ordering.  They
may well of written 2 click process into the patent.  This may be why
lots of sites do not do what you propose.

This kind of patent is evil, someone even had a parent of transferring
audio on the internet!


On 08/12/2009, Derek Almond <home at> wrote:
> Can anyone think of a site that does this well?
> Add Item to basket.
> Basket Summary & Checkout -(this page has fields for customer name,
> delivery address, billing address. payment information, accept terms)
> Thank you page.
> The current process on one of my sites is
> Add Item to basket.
> Basket Summary
> Customer Information (name, email accept terms)
> Delivery Address
> Billing Address
> Payment Details
> Thank you page.
> Which feels too long -
> There is a gradual decrease page by page for the number of people to
> complete each step, but I think that might be to be expected to a
> certain extent, at least with separate pages i can measure that which
> i probably couldn't do on one page.( obviously I'd rather make the
> sale than track lost ones though)
> I'd be interested to see a single page one in action if you can think of one.
> I've already tried defaulting the billing address to the delivery one
> to cut down on form filling, and am currently adding a postcode look
> up tool to make that a bit quicker.
> anything else?
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