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[_] Bristol Open Film Coop (working title) first meeting

Ben Edwards list4me2 at
Wed Dec 9 10:19:14 GMT 2009

Yes, I know some of the peole who originaly set it up, it did not turn
out as they hoped.  When it started getting sucsesfull the meda
establishment steped in an took over.  I remember one meeting where
whan the Q&A session hapened the person running itseemed to of decided
beforehand what the suposingly open questions should be. Left a nasty
taste in a few proples mouths. It may of changed since then I guess.
Thanks for reminding me about it, ile get to the next meeting.  I come
from a comunity media background, I am sure there will be an overlap
but I think to coop may have a less mainstreem focus.


2009/12/8 Andy Parkhouse <create at>:
> Thought it might be worth mentioning this:  <
>  >
> On 8 Dec 2009, at 17:42, Ben Edwards wrote:
>> 8PM 17th December upstarts at the Miners Arms Pub, Miners Road, St
>> Werburgs at 8pm.
>> This meeting is to discuss the setting up of a film group for
>> documentary and drama film makers and those interested in getting
>> involved in a film making in Bristol. My idea is for the group to be a
>> place where film makers and those wanting to get involved in film
>> making can meet to support each other. This could include various
>> tyres of cooperation, discussing projects, skill sharing and setting
>> up screenings and workshops. It is open to all regardless of
>> background, experience or access to equipment. I come from a community
>> film making background and recently have been talking to people about
>> film projects based around local history, graffiti in St Werburghs and
>> documentaries made on mobile phones, but that just me, I am sure
>> others have a wealth of ideas.
>> I look forward to meeting you all,
>> Ben Edwards
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