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[_] Single page checkouts

Derek Almond home at
Tue Dec 8 18:55:07 GMT 2009

Can anyone think of a site that does this well?

Add Item to basket.
Basket Summary & Checkout -(this page has fields for customer name,
delivery address, billing address. payment information, accept terms)
Thank you page.

The current process on one of my sites is

Add Item to basket.
Basket Summary
Customer Information (name, email accept terms)
Delivery Address
Billing Address
Payment Details
Thank you page.

Which feels too long -

There is a gradual decrease page by page for the number of people to
complete each step, but I think that might be to be expected to a
certain extent, at least with separate pages i can measure that which
i probably couldn't do on one page.( obviously I'd rather make the
sale than track lost ones though)

I'd be interested to see a single page one in action if you can think of one.

I've already tried defaulting the billing address to the delivery one
to cut down on form filling, and am currently adding a postcode look
up tool to make that a bit quicker.

anything else?