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[_] SEO gone crazy

Andrew McGregor andy at
Tue Dec 8 18:11:48 GMT 2009

> Your page title is "The Bed and Breakfast Website" - and the name is
> travelBed - I guess that Google is seeing the capitalisation and
> assuming that it's supposed to be two different words.
> I obviously don't know if you've been sandboxed for duplicate content or
> something - but it could easily be a lack of in-links (yahoo site
> explorer shows _very_ few in-links using the phrase "travelbed" - or at
> all to be honest.)

Thanks Tim.  If it is as simple as the capitalisation or the that I
just haven't made any effort on SEO whatsoever then (real!) beer
vouchers have your name on them - but I don't think it is either of
those and fortunately for my wallet, I can't prove it either way :|

I'll try the capitalisation first and give that a month (yeah, I know
it takes up to 6 months...).

Andrew McGregor
+44 7940 22 33 11