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[_] Awesome freelance PHP programmer needed

Luke Marsden luke at
Tue Dec 8 17:22:11 GMT 2009

Hi Underscore / everyone,

I'm looking for an (ideally!) awesome freelance PHP programmer to assist
with the core development of a medium-sized project starting yesterday
and lasting around 4 weeks. If it goes well you'll have access to an
endless stream of small-to-medium sized development projects which pay
at a very reasonable freelance rate.

I've worked with the company - The Property Jungle - on a freelance
basis for many years and it's always been a pleasant experience. The
only reason I'm not taking this particular job on is due to the high
level of my own workload. TPJ is growing very fast and are currently
searching for good developers.

I'll also be available to assist you getting your teeth into this
particular project - we could have a number of hacking sessions at my
place in BS6 to get you started and then you could take it from there.

Here's the job spec:


PHP + MySQL developer required for work on existing applications built
upon the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP stack. Our technology employs
reading information from XML and data files, importing into a database
and then displaying on a website using the Smarty template engine.

Experience with PHP and MySQL is essential, and a basic knowledge of the
Linux command line will also be required. Our application also employs
the following technologies in an advanced fashion, so a successful
candidate must have a willingness to learn and to adhere to existing

  * JavaScript including AJAX

  * Smarty templating engine

  * Subversion version control system

  * Python scripting language


The project is a system enabling two departments of a large property
company to communicate more effectively, and could potentially utilise
some interesting Javascript UI elements.

I reckon the project would take a good developer around 2 weeks of core
development and a further two weeks of testing and refinements.

Please register any interest with me at luke at or call
me on 07791750420. Kindly CC mike at into any emails.

Thanks, and look forward to re-meeting some of you guys next time at the
pub - I was at the Zend framework talk and drinks, very awesome to
discover a geek network in my new home-town of Bristol ;)

Luke Marsden

P.S., who's the Palm Pre developer I met? And is anyone on the list a
distributed systems / cluster geek and/or Python programmer? If so we
need to meet up for a pint. Nice one.