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[_] SEO gone crazy

Tim Wintle timwintle at
Tue Dec 8 18:02:06 GMT 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 17:17 +0000, Andrew McGregor wrote:
> Thread-jack: I have on offer a night of free beer, with or without my company!
> Why doesn't a google for _travelbed_ show on the first page?

Your page title is "The Bed and Breakfast Website" - and the name is
travelBed - I guess that Google is seeing the capitalisation and
assuming that it's supposed to be two different words.

I obviously don't know if you've been sandboxed for duplicate content or
something - but it could easily be a lack of in-links (yahoo site
explorer shows _very_ few in-links using the phrase "travelbed" - or at
all to be honest.)

If it was me I might give up on trying to rank organically for
"travelbed" right now, and suffice with a (probably fairly cheap)
Adwords placement for the full word - at least until you know what
conversion rates are and what keywords you really want to optimise.