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[_] SEO gone crazy

Jason Taverner jason.taverner1 at
Tue Dec 8 16:49:59 GMT 2009

I totally understand what you're saying Ray.

I guess I'm just not very confident about the text that appears on the  
index page of the sites I build mainly as I didn't write it. The best  
description of it would be 'About company name' which is usually what  
the second page along is called!

On 8 Dec 2009, at 16:40, Ray Brooks wrote:

> 2009/12/8 Jason Taverner <jason.taverner1 at>:
>> Blimey, I've been doing all wrong for years! But I'd like to do it
>> right...
>> So instead of 'Home' it should say 'Introductory text' or 'General
>> waffle to cram some keywords in'?
>> On 8 Dec 2009, at 16:19, Ray Brooks wrote:
> No, "introductory text" is also bad. It doesn't actually give you any
> hint of the content. Imagine an image element. You wouldn't make the
> alt text of the picture "A picture" because it tells you nothing.
> Instead, you would describe the content of the picture, for example
> "Happy dog on a skateboard" or "Angry cat in a tumble dryer".
> Similarly, if your introductory paragraph was a piece about how your
> company was the best at what it does, your alt text for the link might
> be "Why you should use our services"...
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