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[_] SEO gone crazy

Tim Wintle timwintle at
Tue Dec 8 15:48:48 GMT 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 13:30 +0000, Jon Free wrote:
> (_),
> Just had a request from a client that I wanted to get a general opinion on.
> I think it's a stupid idea but don't have enough facts to ruin the idea.
> They are trying to fix the ratio of words on the homepage in an attempt to
> make these words perform better. The site has a main menu made up of
> standard text links, no images or background images at all. They have
> requested that we rebuild the menu using images to replace the actual text
> within each link. Their thinking being that these words are diluting the
> ratio of other more important words on the page.

I don't believe that is a good idea...

The navigation links are important as text - if it's not the right text
then that is a problem - but this won't fix it.

The most common example would be any links with anchor text "home" -
that's really bad copy to have as anchor text - replacing that with a
good keyword (that's appropriate to the site and obvious to the user)
would make sense - but replacing it with an image just doesn't.