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[_] SSD current opinions?

Fraser Stephens frstep at
Tue Dec 8 09:15:06 GMT 2009

Not seen a dedicated thread on this subject yet on Underscore, so
wondering what the hive mind's thoughts are on them. The sort of
things I "hear" on the net are:

    "Best upgrade you can buy for a laptop", "boots in 4 seconds",
"apps load 'instantly'...", and  "Huge failure rate"

For me, I value silence over space, so happy to not carry 300 gigs of
not often used stuff on my laptop, but have it on an external. So
160Gb would be fine and prices are starting to look affordable. And I
hear the newer Intel are meant to be good. But the rumours of short
lifespan (in theory they should be very very reliable, at least for
several years of constant use) and that I have to take some of the
reports of amazing speed gains with a pinch of salt, are making me

What are the real experiences of people on this list (i.e. people I
trust!)? On a MacBook (for example) running XP in VMware and a normal
selection of productivity apps, how much better is the experience?

Would be interested in your views,


Fraser Stephens