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[_] Free computer up for grabs!

Scott Hilleard scott at
Mon Dec 7 16:37:34 GMT 2009

Greetings Underscorers,

I have an old computer that is no longer required anymore. It needs a
little TLC in the form of cleaning (its full of dust) and a new CMOS
battery (if I can find a spare one around the office I'll stick it in)
and has 1 broken USB port (it has 5 other USB ports). Oh and the power
button on the front of the case is a bit dodgy (it some times gets stuck
and needs a bit of pressing before it pops out again). Other than that
it is generally in good working order. It has the following specs:

1.6Ghz Athlon XP 2000+
384MB DDR 266mhz RAM
40GB IDE hard disk
DVD-ROM drive
Geforce 6200 graphics
Onboard c-media sound
100Mbps Network card
Silver coloured ATX midi-tower case.

It has Ubuntu 9.10 installed and works great for surfing the net and
other basic tasks (seems to handle flash content ok too).

If you want it let me know (perhaps with a description of what you might
use it for to help me decide who to give it too). You will be required
to collect it from our offices in Berkeley Square during office hours.

Preferably reply off list :)

Cheers! :)

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