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mike karthauser mikek at
Mon Dec 7 16:06:31 GMT 2009

On 7 Dec 2009, at 15:52, Matt Hamilton wrote:

> Anyone got any recommendations for VOIP providers? We have had an  
> account with Voiptalk for a number of years and used it occasionally  
> and it seemed to be OK, but we are now trying to switch over to it  
> fully (and ditch our ISDN2e line) and are getting fairly regular drop  
> outs on it. It will appear to go quiet for a while then occasionally  
> drop the call.  Fairly sure it is not our bandwidth (we have quite a  
> lot here ;) ) and smokeping graphs don't seem to indicate any latency  
> issues to their end.
> We are in the middle of getting our number ported to them, but so far  
> they seem to be giving us a run around, so would be interested if  
> anyone else can recommend any decent VOIP providers that they've used  
> for a while.

peter gradwell at would be worth a call to do this. 

Not used his service but have met him a number of times via bathcamp and he knows his voip.

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