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[_] VOIP providers

Matt Hamilton matth at
Mon Dec 7 15:52:01 GMT 2009

Anyone got any recommendations for VOIP providers? We have had an  
account with Voiptalk for a number of years and used it occasionally  
and it seemed to be OK, but we are now trying to switch over to it  
fully (and ditch our ISDN2e line) and are getting fairly regular drop  
outs on it. It will appear to go quiet for a while then occasionally  
drop the call.  Fairly sure it is not our bandwidth (we have quite a  
lot here ;) ) and smokeping graphs don't seem to indicate any latency  
issues to their end.

We are in the middle of getting our number ported to them, but so far  
they seem to be giving us a run around, so would be interested if  
anyone else can recommend any decent VOIP providers that they've used  
for a while.


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