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[_] Google - Personalized Search For everyone - Is that will be end of SEO ; )

Jason Nevin jason_nevin at
Mon Dec 7 10:32:43 GMT 2009

>So aparently many keywords started to matching website I have done or
>visited, and when I do similar search via shell on my servers I am having
>different results. So if I will be an average non technical guy, I will
>propably belive that this 150gbp I am paying for my seo actually works ! ;)

I see what you mean, you're saying it might cut down on the number of people masquerading as SEOs. I'm afraid I don't share your optimism! Greedy website owners will always listen to the guy that says he can get them number 1 within a month rather than to the SEO that will tell them that they won't get to number 1 for a long time but in the meantime help us to develop some content and ...